Ever wonder what happens in the private world of nannies and the families they work for?
The documentary, partly mockumentary, presents an amusing look into the households and the mishaps that arise along the whirly road towards social harmony.
Follow a nanny from the UK and an Emirati family in 'Nanny Culture' , the dunes will be alive with songs of Arabia.


Anasy Media was founded in 2007 by Sheikha Alyazia Bint Nahyan Al Nahyan.

Anasy’s main achievements include several film productions that are available on iTunes, Virgin Megastores and numerous TV channels.  Alyazia has contributed mainly to Anasy documentaries such as: Home of History Future’s Nation, Serat Al Ehsan, Common Ground and The Tainted Veil. Her company organizes cultural events and has held two successful international documentary awards and a documentary club in Abu Dhabi. In addition to media, Alyazia is also an artist whose paintings have been exhibited nationally and internationally.

Paul has eight years experience in written and visual production in the UK and the Middle East. He graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with a BA in International Journalism. After graduating, he wrote for various publications at Vitesse Media, a UK business media company. Paul moved to Abu Dhabi in 2008 as a reporter for The National newspaper and wrote for online and published in several sections. He was promoted to Online Editor but, with an increasing passion for visual storytelling, accepted a full-time Multimedia Producer role from January 2011. He has won four awards from the prestigious National Press Photographers Association for short films produced while at The National. Paul has worked as director of photography, post production editor and photographer for, among others, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Oxfam, Corbis, the United Nations and the BBC. His main areas of interest lie in social issues and human-interest stories.

Abdulaziz also known popularly as ‘Bin Baz’ is an active Emirati figure on social media networks, who is well known for creating satire and comedy videos in Arabic. Bin Baz utilizes Instagram, twitter and YouTube to shed light on socio-economic issues of the Emirati society and presents such cases in comedy-wrapped videos.

Muhammad Al Hammadi

The Father

“We had such an amazing time, I wish it wasn’t over …”


“It was ok, but it still prevented me from playing my video games.”


“It was really fun…!”

Badrya Al Hosani

The Mother

“It was a new experience, I liked it because I realized how special my family is.”

Julie C. Mcilvenny

The Nanny

“Making Nanny Culture was a unique experience, which was challenging at times, but also really fun…”


”It was definitely an unusual experience to have cameras following us around.”


“I felt really special and I did not imagine this would ever happen.”

The British Nanny
Julie C. Mcilvenny
Nannies Inc Founder
Annie Martin
Nanny Head of Recruitment
Jana Valabikova
Maternity Nurse Consultant
Emma Henderson
London Nanny
Rafat Yasmin
Nanny Friends In UAE
Silvie Hanzalkova Patterson
Kerry Ann Watson
Louisa Greenwood
The Father
Mohammed Al Hammadi
The Mother
Badrya Al Hosani
The Children
Abdullah Mohammed Al Hammadi
Amna Mohammed Al Hammadi
Hamda Mohammed Al Hammadi
Eisa Mohammed Al Hammadi
Mahra Mohammed Al Hammadi
Mansour Mohammed Al Hammadi
Guest Star/Social Media Celebrity
Bin Baz
Domestic Helpers
Silvie’s Friend
Mushtaq Ahmed
Media College Presenters
Fatma Tawfeeq
Salem Bin Beshr
Directed & Script by
Paul James Driscoll
Produced & Story by
Alyazia Bint Nahyan
Mazen Al khayrat
Production Manager
Qasim Asghar
Co-Executive Producers
Shamma Bint Khalifa Al Nahyan
Moza Bint Nahyan Al Nahyan
Director of Photography
Paul James Driscoll
Mandolin Media
Camera Operators
Bhulla Singh Beghal
Shafat Ali
Yang Zhang
Film Editors
Paul James Driscoll
Bhulla Sing Bhegal
Basel Al Awad
Music Composer
Albert El Ters
Sound Composing
Montage L.L.C.
Colour Grading
Amigos Media
‘TIMTAR’ Song Performed by
The Tuareg Artist Bombino
Executive Consultants
Silvie Hanzalkova Patterson
Rym Ghazal
Csilla Turcsanyi
Production Executives
Bushra Al Kaff
Fatma Al Nazoury
Post Production Manager
Cristina Maria Curciur
Production Co-ordinator
Tasneem Lodhi
Production Assistance
Concepcion Sajorda
PR & Media Supervisor
Fatma Al Nazoury
Dhekra Ouali
Milena Shwager
University lecture organizer
Ghaya Al Teneiji
Special Thanks to
Nannies Inc. UK
Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority (Wathba Camel Race)
Eastern Mangroves Hotel & Spa by Anantara
Al Gusto Restaurant- Etihad Towers
Yas Links Golf Club
Gulf Today – Shamila Jamaluddin
Abu Dhabi Theater
Art For All Company
Zayed University
Shamsa Al Taie




During filming the desert scene with Bin Baz, his car gets stuck in the    sand. The same incident occurred twice behind the scenes with the crew's vehicle transporting the guest in the intended vehicle for the scene.

The production worked with actual nannies throughout the whole film.

The family is a well-respected family, appearing on screen for the first time, an experience lived by the rest of the cast.

The necklaces with the names in Arabic calligraphy are popular among tourists. Incidentally, when the nanny and her friend bought two necklaces for themselves, the names got mixed up.

The British agencies for nannies are popular in the UAE since the 80's and still growing in popularity today.

When Julie was talking to her husband on the phone in an early scene, it was hard for her to focus, being distracted by the kids swinging on the curtains, which reminded her of "the sound of music' movie.

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